lunes, 3 de junio de 2019


Dear children, 
as we didn´t have the time to finish the correction of the worksheet related to order of adjectives, here you can find the key so you can check your answers:

Querid@s niñ@s,
Como no tuvimos tiempo de terminar la corrección de la ficha sobre el orden de los adjetivos, aqui tenéis las respuestas para que las podáis comprobar. 

Exercise 03.

1: My friend presented me a fine round white leather ball
2: Can you call your old Italian university friend?
3: I´m sure that I need this stylish black wooden chair
4: Dylan didn´t see Martha´s bright violet dance outfit

Exercise 04.

Opinion: beautiful, amazing, nice, lovely
Size: enormous, tiny, short, high
Shape: Square, triangular, round, wavy
Age: Five-year-old, antique, young, old
Colour: crimson, turquoise, blue, white
Origin: European, French, Chinese, national, American
Material: leather, cotton, wooden, steel
Purpose: race, golf, sport, baseball

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